we are

And what's our mission in entertainment market!


We are a Brazilian based agency focused on content and consulting for entertainment market. For over 6 years we are helping global companies to develop, manage and create products and projects with huge success, quality and creativity.

Our team is formed by high talent professionals with specialists in journalism, design, publicity, marketing and IT, working for over 15 years in the entertainment market and developed more than 300 successful projects. All of this lead by Ricardo Farah, our CEO and entrepreneur for more than 15 years, who worked at the main publishers and is an influencer for tech, gaming and digital entrepreneurship markets.

Our core business is knowledge about the market where we work. We are experts and passionate for areas ranging from videogames to Hollywood movies; from new technology trends to TV shows.

And with this knowledge and commitment in always overcome ourselves, we create, manage and develop projects in areas of social mediaconsulting and business for entertainment and culture markets.

In our DNA we have the mission to transform every single project we do in a reference to change the way of people and companies share, acquire and spread information and knowledge.

Do you want to know how we can work together? Contact us or call us at (+55) 11 2361-1777